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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all camps, workshops, events and other programs operated by The Voxel Tech Corp (referred to as “Voxel Academy”) including but not limited to Camp Voxel, membership, after-school programs, birthday parties, and mini-camps (referred to collectively as “Programs”). By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and/or my child participating in a Voxel Academy Program or other event that takes place at Voxel Academy or its partner facilities, I assert that I have read all Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

1. Program Terms

In order to participate in Programs, a child must fall within the stated age-range for that particular program and/or function at the equivalent social and academic level. Although we make every effort to accommodate many learning styles, special needs, and handicaps, our programming is not accessible to everyone. Aside from events specifically described to be for adults, we do not welcome any adults other than our staff and approved guests into Programs. If my child requires an aide in school or is deemed by the Voxel Academy to not be able to participate positively in our programming without an aide, I understand my child will be removed. Voxel Academy’s goal is to have every participant complete their experience with a finished project when applicable. However, because every situation, participant, and experience is unique, there are various circumstances under which a participant might not complete a finished product as initially envisioned or advertised (including but not limited to repeated absence, disruptive behavior, technical problems, or a new creative direction). Thus, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome of a program. We reserve the right to alter Programs in ways we deem appropriate, necessary, and/or desirable and will make our best effort to remain true to advertised description whenever possible. We do not provide technical support to participants, parents, or current participants outside of scope of our programming. Because they can pose a distraction, personal devices may be used by participants only at the discretion of Voxel staff and may be confiscated if said devices or other items show a tendency to be disruptive in the possession of certain participants as determined by our staff. All devices will be turned over to the participants parents/guardians at checkout (dismissal).

2. Health and Safety

I hereby acknowledge and agree that all Programs conducted at the facilities (the “Premises”) of or under the supervision of Voxel Academy during a Program may involve inherent risks, dangers, and hazards. I hereby certify that my Child is in good health and that my Child has no physical limitations, which would preclude his/her safe participation in Programs. I understand that Voxel Academy staff will neither give nor administer medication to my child. I agree that if my child’s medication is left at camp after my child’s camp session has ended, that Voxel Academy has the right to dispose of any medication left and shall not be responsible for any damages or liabilities related in any way to such medication, including, but not limited to, replacement cost of the medication and any damages resulting from failure to administer such medication. Failure to follow the code of conduct for any Program, or the posted signage or verbal instructions, may result in the termination of any participant’s use of the Premises and/or equipment without recompense. COVID-19: No child who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks is permitted within our facilities. All children showing COVID-19 symptoms will also not be permitted to enter. Parents will no longer be permitted inside of our facilities. Any child who is under quarantine or who is not permitted at their school due to possible exposure will not be permitted in our facilities. Any child who’s immediate family or person(s) they live with come under quarantine or who is showing symptoms due to possible exposure will not be permitted in our facilities. MASKS ARE REQUIRED. No child shall be permitted entrance to our facilities without a proper mask (scarfs and masks with vents are not accepted). All participants are required to wear their mask while in our facilities at ALL times. Repeated violation of this policy will result in either a temporary or permanent ban, and there will be no refunds for missed programs. NOTE: Should any child enter our facility in defiance of the above, they and their family will be permanently banned from the Voxel Academy. No refunds will be issued and a violation of this rule is subject to a $1,000 fine. Due to the difficulty in spotting COVID-19, the Voxel Academy will not be liable for any instances of transmission that are proven to have occurred at our facilities except for instances of gross negligence or where void by law.

3. Food and Allergies

Voxel Academy is a Nut-Free facility. Please do not pack nut products in your child’s lunch. If your child has any severe allergy, or travels with an EpiPen please note that on your registration form with explicit written instruction for the staff. Voxel will do its best to accommodate all allergy types with a safe environment as long as our staff is explicitly notified with written or verbal warning before your child’s visit. All snacks provided by Voxel are Gluten Free based products. If your child has any dietary restrictions above this, you must provide your child with their own snack.

4. Photos

As a condition of participation, I authorize that photos, videos, images, audio and testimonials may be taken of my child and agree that said content may be used by Voxel Academy in promotional materials, marketing collateral, and online media. These images, testimonials, photos, videos, and audio may be shared and used by corporate partners, the media, or other organizations who work with Voxel Academy. I understand that Voxel Academy’s owners, agents, partners, facility providers, and employees will not be held liable for damages and injuries associated with said publishing, including any and all claims based on negligence. I agree that all images, testimonials, photos, video, and audio taken at or in connection with Voxel Academy are the sole and exclusive property of Voxel Academy unless expressed otherwise in writing by Voxel Academy.

5. Property

The Voxel Academy is not responsible for any damage to or loss of personal property that occurs on Premises or while participating in Programs. This includes property brought from home (such as tablets, backpacks or devices of any type) or issued by the Voxel Academy (such as flash drives and t-shirts).

6. Content

The Voxel Academy may show movies or clips from movies that are rated PG or PG-13 during Programs. This may also include unrated digital content, TV programs, or video games rated E-M. We make every reasonable effort to prevent participant exposure to inappropriate content of any kind. However, we cannot guarantee that no participant will be exposed to inappropriate content by other participants or on their own. Any participant who deliberately views inappropriate content will be asked to leave the Program without a refund. Participation in some Programs may require the use of third-party hardware, software, or other services. Some may require an account registered to the Voxel Academy or a participant. I hereby grant the Voxel Academy permission to agree to any third-party terms of service or other agreements on behalf of me and my child.

7. Payment Methods

Paying by Credit Card. 

The default method of payment places a charge to your listed credit card for the full amount of your purchase. You are responsible for making sure your credit card information is up to date. Some credit card companies allow a customer to challenge a purchase, this is called a chargeback. All customers should reach out to Voxel Academy directly before initiating a chargeback. As a policy, the Voxel Academy will contest any chargeback, the customer who initiated the chargeback will be banned from making future credit card payments, and subject to a $250 fee.


For large purchases you may be eligible for a payment plan. Payment plans are automatic subscriptions that will charge your credit card on regular intervals. This may or may not be by a third party company. You will be able to see the intervals on the checkout page when completing your purchase. By selecting a payment plan you agree to have your card charged the listed amount on or around the listed date. Payments completed through a payment plan are non-refundable. Once a payment plan has been completed and paid in full the regular refund policy for purchases applies.

Paying by Check. 

The option to pay by check may be available for some Programs. Payment must be received by Voxel Academy within 7 days of a purchase paid by check. Payment not received within 7 days of a purchase paid by check will result in automatic cancellation of the Program reservation, with or without notice. Customers that purchase by check and do not pay within 7 days will be prohibited to pay by check in the future. Rejected or returned checks due to insufficient funds incur a $100 fee.

8. Promotions

In any instance in which multiple percentage discounts are applied to the same purchase, the discounts’ applicable numeric values will be added together and the resulting value will become the percentage which is then applied to the total simultaneously at the time of the purchase. For example, a 10% discount and a 3% discount applied to the same purchase will be processed as a 13% discount at checkout. In any instance in which multiple discounts of various types are applied to the same purchase, the percentage discount will be applied last. Multiple discounts may not be combined on one purchase unless specifically stated. Discounts are applied automatically to purchases and cannot be applied in any other way. Discounts are limited to the particular products to which they are advertised, rather than the order total, unless specified. Discounts can only be combined if explicitly stated. Guest Passes or other passes given by Voxel Academy to promote and be used in place of payment for a Program are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

9. Changes, Cancellations, Refunds, and COVID 19 Peace of Mind Policy


Refunds for a Voxel Academy program may be requested by emailing us at hello@voxelacademy.org or submitting a request through the process detailed by a specific program. If approved, customers should allow up to six weeks for a processed refund to be reflected in their account on file. I understand that refunds will NOT be issued for early withdrawal or dismissal due to absences (for any reason) including sickness, behavioral dismissal and other unforeseeable events not within the control of Voxel Academy. If my child leaves a program early for any reason, the reservation is not prorated and no refund will be issued, including partial refunds. If Voxel Academy cancels a Program and is unable to find a suitable alternative, I will receive a credit for a future program. Eligibility for refunds varies by program, as detailed below. If a refund has been approved, please allow 5-10 weeks for it to be processed.


Tickets or any other Voxel Academy items for purchase may not be purchased for anyone other than the purchaser’s legal child(ren). Purchases made for anyone other than the purchaser’s legal child(ren), for anyone who is not within the stated age-range for each ticket, or that includes or relies on any misleading or inaccurate information will not be honored or refunded. Tickets are only valid for the child named on the reservation for a Program.


Enrollment “purchasing” tickets for Camps, After School or any other program(s) provided by Voxel Academy is completed online (by clicking the “Enroll Now, Purchase Now, Register Now, Reserve” button on the website).  When enrolling, you are agreeing to our participant waiver form for each child registered. Each participant registered must have a completed waiver form that must be signed by the parent and/or legal guardian of the child upon arrival at a Voxel Academy location.  If you enrolled over the phone, our office will start your enrollment, but you still need to complete your enrollment in person, which includes completing/submitting the Participant Enrollment Form. If you do not complete our waiver form but send your child to a Voxel Academy location, this is considered implied consent to the terms and conditions listed in our waiver form. If you are having trouble accessing online enrollment, you must print the waiver form and scan/email it to Info@voxelacademy.org prior to your child attending any program(s). The waiver form constitutes the entire agreement and no section of the “form itself” may be waived by any other writings or methods of communication.


In the event that Voxel Academy is forced to suspend a program, for any reason, the Voxel Academy may first attempt to reschedule the program. Should that not be possible, the customer may be offered Voxel Academy Credit for the full amount paid. When issued, the credit will specify any limitations on its use. If not specified, the credit will only be valid for the same program. Credits may be transferred to another individual for a $50 fee.


Due to the current conditions, we are not able to offer refunds for ANY purchases. Should an individual test positive or require quarantine due to possible exposure, the Voxel Academy may grant one rescheduling opportunity per individual.

Voxel Peace of Mind Policy.

COVID CANCELLATION OPTIONS: If Voxel Academy were ordered to partially close due to COVID by City/State or Federal officials. The company will do everything possible to reschedule your reserved camp that was interrupted. If Voxel Academy were ordered to fully close by City/State or Federal officials. The company will issue you a full credit voucher, to be used for the next following summer camp. Vouchers cannot be transferred to other campers/families or resold. Vouchers only valid for 1-year once issued.


After-school visits. A “visit” is a reservation, scheduled online or drop-in, that grants a participant access to a Voxel Academy location after school. All visits, whether purchased individually or as part of a series, season, or other collection, are non-refundable. Rescheduling a missed visit may be available at the discretion of Voxel Academy and is subject to availability. Scheduled visits are not transferable to another member.


To cover the administrative costs associated with registration, there is a $200 fee for each week of each ticket of all Camp Voxel reservations which is non-refundable and non-transferable. This fee is part of your overall camp ticket cost. If you request a refund for a camp ticket more than 60 days prior to its start date, Voxel Academy will refund the full cost of your camp (less the nonrefundable $200 fee described above) along with any other nonrefundable components of my purchase, for every individual week of camp purchased. I understand that refunds will NOT be issued for withdrawals, changes, or cancellations made less than 60 days prior to the start date of the camp.


Discounts are automatically applied to all purchases made using the same account that earned them, including those made for different campers. Tickets are discounted according to time of purchase and can be changed or updated at any time. Discounts are automatically calculated, applied, and increased or decreased when tickets are added to cart, removed from cart, or refunded. Because the price of individual tickets can vary based on the tickets associated with an account or cart, refunds may not equal the original ticket price.


“Swapping” one camp ticket for another is a great way to modify a reservation without losing discounts. Voxel Academy may “swap” a reserved ticket for another requested by the customer when both tickets are for the same number of weeks in duration and the desired camp topic is not sold out at the time the request is processed. Customers will be charged the difference when swapping to a camp ticket with a higher original cost. Refunds will not be issued when swapping to a ticket with a lower cost. Swaps may be processed at the discretion of the Voxel Academy.


“Add-ons” or purchases made independent of but related to another program, including but not limited to Extended Care, Lunch, Bus/Train/Car Transportation, are non-refundable. Add-ons may be swapped at the sole discretion of the Voxel Academy.

Mini-camps & Holiday Camps. See “Camps”

Birthday Parties.

Reservations must be made using our online scheduling system, by phone or email at least two weeks in advance, are subject to availability, and require a minimum deposit of 50%. Deposits are non-refundable. Requests to reschedule a party to an available time will be honored at any time until 28 days before the scheduled reservation date. Purchases or additions made after the initial reservations will result in a required additional deposit. Voxel Academy will not be able to reschedule a party within the 28 day window and the customer. Voxel Academy will make no more than two reschedules for any party. All parties are subject to the same COVID-19 rules as described above.

Item Purchases.

Items for sale by the Voxel Academy such as Custom Beyblades, 3D scans, 3D prints, flash drives, and other associated merchandise (“Items”) are non-refundable.

10. Late Pickup Fees

Any participant who remains on our premises after the scheduled end to a Program or after our business hours is subject to a $1-per-minute late pickup fee, which is automatically charged to my active payment method or card on file. This is designed to deter late pickups and help offset the cost of continued operations. Due to COVID policies, late pickup can also incur a $10-per-minute late pickup fee, if the late pickup falls on a day we have third party cleaners scheduled for our “Deep Cleaning/Sanitizing” and conflicts with their set schedule. The Voxel Academy reserves the right to increase the late-pickup fee for participants picked up late multiple times, or, if lateness falls on special events.

11. Private Events

I VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO EXPRESSLY ASSUME full responsibility for any risk of injury, including but not limited to serious personal injury, property damages, property loss or death which may occur,arise from, or relate in any way to the Programs, this Agreement and/or the use of equipment, or the facilities of Voxel Academy for me, my family, and every other individual at my birthday party or any other private event hosted by me or Voxel Academy on Voxel Academy premises which I will attend or includes my child(ren) and children other than my own (hereinafter referred to as “Event”). I acknowledge my responsibility to ensure that everyone who attends my Event understands and abides by posted signage, verbal instructions, and prior communication from Voxel Academy staff. I agree to assume all responsibility for the actions of any individual on the Premises during my Event, with the exception of the staff of the Voxel Academy. Failure to follow the code of conduct for any Program, or the posted signage or verbal instructions, may result in the termination of any participant’s use of the Premises and/or equipment without recompense. In addition, I acknowledge that my Event takes place in a space used by others. The Premises may be monitored by video surveillance. I also acknowledge and agree that I and all participants must abide by all rules and regulations currently in effect or which may be announced from time to time by Voxel Academy or any of its representatives relating to the operation and use of the Premises, fixtures, equipment, facilities and related services. I understand that a non-refundable and non-transferable 50% deposit is required in order to schedule my Event. Any modifications to my reservation (including but not limited to the Event size, add-on quantity and additional add-ons) must be coordinated with Voxel Academy no less than two (2) weeks in advance. I agree to allow the Voxel Academy to charge me for any outstanding costs on the date of my Event. I agree that these charges will include only the following types of charges: 1) cost of my Event; 2) cost of add-ons and other acknowledged costs not already paid for; 3) cost of any damage to the Premises or anything else therein; or 4) any additional fees or penalties, if applicable. I understand that the Voxel Academy requires no less than one legal guardian to remain present on the Premises for the duration of my Event unless given written permission by Voxel Academy. Furthermore, I understand that every person on the Premises during my Event beyond two legal guardians, as well as any children over the age of two (2), will be considered participants and I will be charged accordingly. This policy applies to all Events unless otherwise stated, in addition to any other Terms and Conditions details stated on the Voxel Academy website. Voxel Academy will not issue any refunds if I or anyone I invite misses my Event for any reason.

12. Release of Liability


General Waiver

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in activities offered by The Voxel Academy LLC (the “Company”), I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the minor named below (the “Child”), agree to assume all risk of any kind for injury or damage my child may receive or sustain as a result of participation in Company activities, including property loss, property damage, personal injury or death. I understand that my child must stay within sight of Company personnel at all times. I understand that those children whose conduct creates safety or discipline problems will be asked to leave without refund. I hereby certify that my Child is in good health and that my Child has no physical limitations, which would preclude his/her safe participation in the activities provided by the Company. I acknowledge that the Company may provide transportation services to or from Company facilities and I voluntarily, on behalf of myself and my Child, release, discharge, waive and relinquish any and all actions or causes of action against Company for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death occurring during said transportation. I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL RISKS, BOTH KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, AND HEREBY RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS, FOR MYSELF, THE CHILD AND OUR HEIRS, THE VOXEL ACADEMY LLC, ITS TRUSTEES, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, CONTRACTORS, AUTHORIZED AGENTS AND VOLUNTEERS WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or property associated with the presence or participation of the minor in my charge to the fullest extent permitted by law.


I, parent/guardian of the Child, hereby designate Company personnel to act on my behalf to authorize such first aid, hospitalization, medical attention, and/or surgery as may be required in an emergency because of illness or injuries sustained by the Child while participating in Company activities. I hereby assume financial responsibility for first aid, hospitalization, medical attention, transportation, and surgery provided. I request that I be contacted within a reasonable time in the event of illness or injury requiring medical services.


On behalf of my Child, I the parent/guardian accept and assume any and all risks associated with my Child’s attendance and participation in all related activities. I understand that my Child should only participate when in a healthy condition and I will make alternative arrangements whenever that is not the case. I grant permission to the Company to take my Child to other locations outside Company facilities. Furthermore, I do hereby verify that my Child, to the best of my knowledge, is free of contagious disease, is fully immunized, and is able to participate. Therefore, I hereby confirm that my Child: (1) has no psychiatric, medical, and/or physical condition or history which would prevent participation or endanger themselves or others, (2) has not been instructed by any physician to refrain from participating, and (3) is physically fit and able to participate.


I understand and agree to the Company Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy as stated on Company’s website and which may be updated without notice. I understand that I must have a valid credit card on file in order for my Child to visit and participate in Company activities. I understand that I will be automatically charged for visits, add-ons, camps, events, and any other products, services, or other Company offerings and I authorize the Company to undertake any such automatic charges. I understand that my Child must be picked up before the stated endtime of Company events and that I will be charged $1 per minute beyond this time that the Company must watch my Child. I understand that after repeated late pickups, the penalty may be increased exponentially. I understand that due to COVID-19 safety, on days of scheduled deep cleaning there will be a charge of $10 per minute beyond pickup time as it will delay our third-party service company from performing their duties.


I authorize that photos, videos, images, audio and testimonials (collectively, “Content”) may be taken of my Child and agree that said content may be used by The Voxel Academy in promotional materials, marketing collateral, and online media. Content may be shared and used by the media or other organizations who work with The Voxel Academy. I understand that The Voxel Academy, its owners, agents, partners, facility providers, and employees will not be held liable for damages and injuries associated with said publishing, including any and all claims based on negligence. I agree that all Content taken at or in connection with The Voxel Academy are the sole and exclusive property of The Voxel Academy. Voxel Academy uses Content to help promote their programs, commonly on platforms such as their website, social media, and on relevant blogs and event sites. In the event something is posted outside of that normal scope, all reasonable attempts will be made to contact the legal guardians of those photographed before publishing. The full names of those photographed will not be published in association with the photos without written permission from the legal guardian.

13. Rights Reserved

I understand that these Terms and Conditions may be updated or amended by Voxel Academy at any time, with or without notice. I understand that it is my responsibility to review the current Terms and Conditions while enrolled in Voxel Academy automatic payments or ACH. I understand I can reach Voxel Academy via email at info@voxelacademy.org.

14. Privacy

I have read, understood and agree that I and my Child are bound by Voxel Academy’s Privacy Policy at https://voxelacademy.org/privacy-policy.

15. Copyright Notices

Voxel Academy uses the intellectual property of many companies as crucial supplements to their Programs. I can view these copyrights at https://voxelacademy.org/trademarks.