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Anyone can be a Content Creator with our project based learning.

Build skills and portfolios with our topics on coding, cinematography, stop motion, game dev, CAD, robotics, electrical engineering, design, art, branding plus much more using the latest games and tech. Transcripts provided upon request.

Technologies we work with

Voxel Academy’s Mission

STEM with an emphasis on personal growth and rewarding curiosity

Bring the most cutting-edge technology instruction to your children through fun, hands-on workshops! Voxel Academy has the experience of offering STEM-themed programming in schools and organizations around New York City for the last 8 years with our partner programs, in topics including video game design, coding with Minecraft, 3D printing, and many other future-relevant technology topics often recognized in AP or college-level courses.

At Voxel Academy we look beyond the landscape of learning apps and games that are becoming commonplace sources of personalized learning within the classroom. Coding your own apps and constructing custom games actually involve a more relevant and engaging process. Rapid innovation in EdTech is evolving the ways in which students learn, this was the foundation which motivated us to get started. Voxel’s approach is to integrate the actual process of innovation into each Childs education. We teach the skills and provide the tools for children to create the very type of content that is being used by their instructors and influencers.

Our Founders

Tony Rojas

CEO | Unicorn in camo, Gamer

Memphis Erwin

COO | Maker, Artist, Pro Beyblader

Message From Our Founders

Voxel Academy was founded by former Makers, Creators and Innovators of After-School programs that suffered from untimely closures due to the pandemic.
Recognizing the void in the community that was left, we took action and committed ourselves to give hope back to the children and parents that we’ve come to love over the years. Witnessing the personal growth and confidence in the kids we’ve taught was such a rewarding experience, and we couldn’t give up.

Our Funlosophy

Inclusion. Our workshops aren’t just for those who are inclined towards the subject matter; we make sure every Content Creator feels supported and inspired each day.

Relevant, forward-thinking skills. We choose applicable, cutting edge topics that matter in our workshops, supported by industry-standard professional hardware and software.

Putting the child first, always. Rather than sitting through online tutorials and cookie-cutter lesson plans, we maintain an evolving, organic curriculum that keeps our Content Creators excited about their projects and engaged in our workshops.


Summer Camp

Join us for some summer fun and create something awesome every week in our premium day camp tech program

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Season based lessons for the school year, featuring Minecraft, Roblox, Game Dev and Makerspace

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Celebrate your big day with the latest games and awesome tech

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Common Questions

Knowledge is power, so empower yourself here with some common questions and answers.
Please contact us if you have any addition questions!

Great question! First of all, digital images are made up of tiny squares called Pixels but when you convert them into a 3-dimensional space they become Voxels. So simply put, a Voxel is a three dimensional upgrade of a Pixel.

We design our curriculum for all ages! We simply pace lessons differently based on attendance. Look for the recommended age on each topic but keep in mind they are only suggestions.

Most of our curriculum is written with all ages in mind but topics like Minecraft modding, Video Game Hacking and Game Dev are more advanced.

Nope! Our curriculum covers everything you need to know for a beginner but is also flexible enough to get more advanced for those who already have some knowledge on a topic.

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through STEM, students develop key skills including: problem solving. creativity. STEAM is a newer acronym that includes A for Art. However STEM & STEAM are often used interchangeably.

No, Voxel Academy was founded in the unfortunate aftermath of Pixel Academy’s closure due to the Coronavirus. We are a collection of instructors who have the same principles and experience from years at Pixel Academy. We have over 8yrs of experience as a team working with many local schools and have partnered with The Sterling School and others. Our founders and staff weren’t privy to customer issues, financial obligations, or other issues with The Pixel Academy’s clientele. Voxel Academy is a new company in name and has no legal connection to The Pixel Academy.


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