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Power Up with Voxel Partnerships!

Voxel Academy provides a range of cutting-edge partnership programs tailored for schools, corporations, sponsors, and businesses. Our offerings include residencies, after-school programs, resident STEAM instructors, STEAM/Makerlab start-ups, STEAM integrations, electives, custom curriculum, and much more. Explore the exciting possibilities of collaboration with us!

Partnership Offerings:

STEAM / Maker Lab

We'll help you start and maintain a dedicated STEAM lab or even upgrade an old one

Resident STEAM Instructors

Dedicated resident Voxel staff, knowledgeable in all things STEM

STEAM Curriculum Integrations

In-house proprietary lesson plans and electives taught by our trained instructors

STEAM School Electives

Next level science, tech, engineering, art and math!

After School programs

In-school After-school programs or clubs

Custom Curriculum

Develop custom lessons or programs based on your educational and extra-curricular needs


Makerspace Consulting

Voxel is here to help! We custom design your Makerspace to meet your organization’s specific goals, bringing our years of expertise to get you up and running

  • Infrastructure review
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Budgeting and design
  • Profession Development
  • Ongoing training and support

Powered by Voxel STEAM Lab

We help design your Makerspace and stay with you through the school year. Providing Maker style classes and integrating STEM into your class projects

  • Custom Curriculum
  • Integrated Projects
  • Monthly Review Meetings

STEAM Integration (Full School Year)

We help design your Makerspace and stay with you through the set-up, testing, and organization while training your team to confidently take control.

  • Everything in Consulting Plan
  • Set-up and preparation
  • Custom training program
  • Curriculum co-creation

Voxel Residency (Full School Year)

This program takes everything from the STEM Integration program and adds a dedicated Instructor that is around for the complete school year. Based on your requests, our team can be at your school either every school day (5 days a week) or just an allotted amount of days per week. This program is fully customizable when it comes to fulfilling your needs and requirements. 

Current Residencies Here

Voxel Residencies will also provide the following

  •  Everything in Consulting Plan
  • Develop and implement a strategic vision for technology integration and instructional design to support the use of innovative tools and methods by faculty
  • Design, deliver, and manage professional development and growth experiences for faculty in areas of technology integration and curricular innovation
  •  Form relationships with faculty to co-design interdisciplinary units and lessons that integrate engineering, computational thinking, maker skills, problem solving, invention literacy, and computer science
  • Teach or co-teach introductory mini-workshops on the use of our Makerspace technology
  • Run design challenges for the purpose of promoting innovation, risk taking, and entrepreneurship Bring innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to all aspects of your academic programs
  • Additional weeks can be added on based on school year


Have questions or want a Partnership?

For pricing and program information, please email us at hello@voxelacademy.org