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3-Dimensional S.T.E.A.M.

Voxel Academy offers the most relevant, relatable, and cutting-edge STEM education for kids in NYC. We convert fun, popular interfaces like Minecraft, Roblox and Youtube into critical learning experiences. Teaching fundamentals in tech topics like coding, 3D design, animation, and media production. Our year-round, expert instructors personalize our signature hands-on after-school workshops. Using our hand-crafted curriculum and teaching methodologies our after-school Tracks are designed to use your child’s interests to guide them through learning advanced STEAM skills and cutting-edge technology.

We’ve carefully crafted each Track and packed them with innovative and exciting projects that are geared towards skill sets for the jobs of the future! Our curriculum is designed to require no prerequisite knowledge and covers everything from the ground up so we’re able to best match your child’s learning speed and style.

‍We’ve divided each Track into three seasons to help you coordinate and plan your child’s school year. Every season has fresh projects, allowing it to stand on its own, and giving you the flexibility to take a single season or mix and match topics to create your own custom Track!

2:30 to 4:00 PMFlexible Check-in
Arrival, free snacks, off-screen games, homework help
4:00 to 5:30 PMWorkshop Time
Kid’s work in their groups with an instructor on their main projects
5:30 to 6:00 PMPick-up
Pick-up time until 6pm sharp!

Small Group Guarantee

8:1 Max ratio of kids to instructors

Ages 7 to 14

Personalized learning for each age group

Exclusive Curriculum

In-house curriculum delivers lessons that you won't find anywhere else!

10+ Years Experience

Providing the best STEM programs for kids in NYC

After School Topics

Makerspace After-school

Ages: 7-14,

Makerspace features guided mini-lessons demonstrating useful software and hardware with the intention to give Makers as many tools (literal and figurative) in their creative arsenal as possible to aid in their Maker Journey. Design a chess set, build an arcade cabinet, design robots, create an animation or program your own game. Your options are as endless as your creativity!

In this Track you can develop these Skills: 3D printing, laser-cut, graphic design, 3D modeling, vector graphics, raster graphics, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Suite, maker, circuitry, programming, game design, engineering, math, science, technology, tools, hardware, software, computer literacy, hands-on, DIY

NOTE: Single day drop-ins are available upon request


$834.30 - $3522.60 $834.30
minecraft hex steve color

Minecraft After-school

Ages: 7-14,

Minecraft is our primary tool to introduce kids to technology, art, hardware and coding. This track focuses on art, 3D design, programming, code and building on technical computer skills. Join us as we create new items, adventure maps and more to the game by coding our own Data Pack, the next generation of Minecraft modding. Change many advanced facets of the game and really shape it to your own artistic and game design perspective. This topic is for aspiring coders and creatives alike who want to get their feet wet or expand their knowledge using everyone’s favorite educational tool and hit video game, Minecraft.

This topic is broken down into three seasons being Fall, Winter and Spring. Each season has it’s own focus and take home projects. So find out more by clicking the button bellow!

In this Track you will develop these Skills: 3D modeling, pixel art, coding, programming, building, logic, interfacing, simulation, computer literacy, computer file hierarchy, Command Blocks, 3D modeling, pixel art, texture design, game design, animation, modding, hardware programing, computer interfacing, 3D printing


$927.00 - $3522.60 $927.00
roblox hex color

Roblox After-school

Ages: 7-14,

Roblox is an incredibly robust platform for all kinds of games and social activities. This track takes kids’ love (and obsession) with Roblox and uses it to teach the fundamentals of game design, digital art, and programming. Over the course of three seasons, participants will create and publish different games in Roblox Studio, and along the way learn the video game design pipeline from blue printing, concept, modeling, design, themes, mechanics and programming.

This topic is broken down into three seasons being Fall, Winter and Spring. Each season has it’s own focus and take home projects. So find out more by clicking the button bellow!

In this Track you will develop these Skills: 3D modeling, level design, multiplayer game design, online safety, scripting, programming, digital art, LUA programming, Publishing, User Interface


$834.30 - $3429.90 $834.30


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